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Lights Out!

By Justin Berstler

What is this crap?
Very succinctly, this is my new SourceForge project for my implementation of the Lights Out puzzle game, originally (to the best of my knowledge) created by Tiger Electronics as a handheld electronic game. It started out as a project for an introductory Swing course I had taken and now I was hoping to spread the joy that is this addicting little game. Click here for a breif (and funny!) ad I created for the project - it will give you a quick overview of the features. Actually, I am looking for ways to improve the program and to get some valuable programming help and experience from this project.

So.. what needs to be done?
Well... honestly, nothing really needs to be done. The game is already implemented, working and very stable. It already has lots of cool features like:
  • Custom themes to change the appearance of the lights (I'll upload screen shots soon... I promise).
  • Editor Mode which allows you to create and save your own levels
  • Basic score keeping
There are, however, some things that could be added or improved. For instance, some sort of High Score feature was planned but never implemented. And I am sure that you fine people can think of all kinds of ways to improve this that I can't even imagine - which is the whole point of this. I'd like to get your input no matter what it is. Tell me you love it, tell me you hate it but just give reasons why and suggestions to fix what you don't like or, even better, make your own damn changes and send them back.

Cool! Gimme access!
If you make changes and want to include them in the project, just shoot me an email and chances are more than likely that I'll give you developer access to the CVS. This isn't a very high profile operation (yet?) so I'll be very lenient about accepting new code. Hell... I'll be happy if any new code comes in at all ;)

Miscellaneous nonsense you might want to know about...
Let's see... The code is written in Java/Swing. I have no external documentation as of yet, but the code is clearly commented. You should feel free to email me with any questions about how the code works or any problems you encounter. This is a brand new project on SourceForge and I am not-so-keen on CVS quite yet. This page will be undergoing varying amounts of development depending on how much interest is generated. Right now, it's a big stinking pile of crap, but I plan to upgrade it to a small, slightly fragrant clump of insignificant dust in the next week or so. In short, I'll at least make it look and smell nice enough for people to understand what's going on without invoking their gag reflexes.